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Alrik's father being cremated.

Because of Kratos, the Barbarian Prince was unable to save his beloved father.


Alrik's father was the unnamed king of the Barbarians of the east and father of Alrik.

God of War ComicsEdit

Alrik's father fell ill from a disease secretly deployed by Hades, God of the Underworld. In a desperate attempt to save him, Alrik ventured forth on a quest for the healing drink of the gods, Ambrosia, having been informed of its abilities by an elder. Alrik failed however, as the Spartan warrior Kratos captured the Ambrosia to save his daughter from an innate illness. Returning home empty handed, Alrik saw his father, who had succumbed to his illness, being cremated. Having been crowned the new Barbarian King shortly after, Alrik vowed vengeance on Kratos.

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