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Ambrosia 1
Kratos finds the Ambrosia
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Ambrosia is the food/drink of the Greek gods. The consumption of ambrosia was typically reserved for divine beings, as it is attributed to have vast healing, regenerative and immortalizing capabilities.

In the God of War seriesEdit

God of War ComicsEdit

In issue one of the comic series, based on events after God of War, Kratos is on an unknown quest for The Ambrosia, making his way through waves of Hades' minotaurs to the place of Asclepius, God of medicine. It becomes apparent that the new God of War's search is not his first. He began the hunt for The Ambrosia once before to save his newborn daughter, Calliope, from plagues sent by Ares that affected the newborn children of Sparta. Kratos swore to find The Ambrosia no matter what cost to save Calliope before she was to be sacrificed under Spartan law as unfit. His Spartan comrades also wanted the Ambrosia to make them undefeatable.


  • The island where the Ambrosia is found on
  • Kratos juicing the Ambrosia
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