The relic that you hold, an amulet of the Sisters of Fate, will allow you to move swiftly through time while all around you slows.


The Amulet of the Fates is a relic that belongs to Sisters of Fate and is found by Kratos in the Temple of Lahkesis, in God of War II. When used, it causes everything around him to greatly slow down and take on a green hue, while he continues moving at normal speed. The amulet is needed in order to solve certain puzzles throughout the game and it can also be used for an edge while fighting enemies (who move in real time when Kratos finishes them off). The amulet, however, can only be activated when it is close enough to a nearby Fates Statue.


  • Amulet Activate - Hold L1 and then press R1 (Touch its icon in PSVita) to temporarily slow time when near an active Statue of the Fates. Cannot be activated while Rage of the Titans is on. L1 + R1 (However, it can be activated during the Rage of the Titans if a sub-weapon is equipped, because the 'Prometheus' Flare' attack, which uses the L1 button, is only available with the Blades of Athena)



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