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The Apollo Statue was a tribute to the god of Apollo. It appears on the Cursed Island of Delos, and it is massive, it was only made a short amount of time after the resedents of the island were killed by several enemies when Kratos appeared. It also is a part of the level, meaning it appears on the islands and in the ocean.

Description Edit

The Apollo Statue is several hundred feet tall. The entire statue is a massive level itself. What makes it complicated to describe is its entire scale of how many things are inside it. Mainly, it is where Kratos has to travel inside, put together gears to get to one area to the next part of the body, re awaken the furnace by moving to parts of the area, finding the source of material to heat it up in order to activate the extroderary hot liquids from pot-like containers, to heat up the furnace for the first time, where he will travel down a series of slippery paths, and make his way all the area where Third, he will activate the lasers in order to make his way to the Eyes of Apollo. This is where he will find a large material of lens, and slide it into the right place, where it is simply just like making a pair of eyes from the inside. This is where the lasers will be produced and light up the lantern, where he will find his way to it and continue the rest of the level.

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