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As the life drained out of Kratos, the Arms of Hades reached out to claim their prize.


Arms of hades

Kratos fighting through the Arms of Hades

The Arms of Hades are the large, all left-handed black arms, seen in the comics, God of War II and God of War III.

God of War SeriesEdit

The Arms drag the dead Mortals into the Underworld. When Zeus betrayed Kratos out of fear and killed him with the Blade of Olympus, Kratos was taken into the Underworld by the Arms of Hades. With the help of the Titan Gaia, motivation to kill Zeus and the desire to live, Kratos kills several hands and escapes the Underworld yet again. The arms are in groups and respawn after three seconds pass.

In the comics, the Arms appear once more, being sent by Hades after Kratos posed a threat to his champion, Alrik, in the wager of the Gods, a contest with the goal being the capture of Asclepius' Ambrosia. Alrik took the Ambrosia and flew away on a Roc, however, Kratos battled the Arms and was capable of assisting the Spartans who aided him in his quest, but chose to catch up with Alrik, callously leaving his soldiers to be ferociously torn apart by the Arms.

In God of War: Ascension, Kratos obtains the Soul of Hades. When powered its moves are based off the arms of Hades and when you perform moves such as the plume of Prometheus or square square triangle a gigantic arm comes out of the ground to fight off nearby enemies.


  • The Arms of Hades also appear in God of War III, in various areas in the Realm of Hades, and are conjured by Hades when dueling Kratos. They also defend two chests in a secret room, and grant a trophy upon its discovery.


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