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Spirits of the Exiled Spartans defending Kratos

Aos 1

Exiled Spartans throw their Spears

The Blades of Exile will serve you well Kratos. Use them to call forth the spirit of your exiled Spartan brothers.


The Army of Sparta is a magic used when in possession of the Blades of Exile. It allows Kratos to summon the spirits of fallen Spartan soldiers, forming a protective phalanx around him. Helios, God of the Sun, used this formation as well, in a vain effort to have his soldiers protect him from Kratos. When the magic is leveled up, there will be more soldiers, they will deal more damage and throw their spears. At the highest level, a rain of arrows can be summoned down after the spear thrust move.


  • The formation of the soldiers around Kratos is called a Phalanx, commonly used by Spartan hoplites and other ancient Greek spearmen.
  • The symbols on the shields are known as lambda ( Λ ) and represents Lacedaemonia (Greek: Λακεδαιμονία), present day Laconia, the name of the greater area of which Sparta was the governing capital. Spartan and Laconian hoplites bore these symbols on their shields These symbols can be seen in popular culture, such as on the shields of the Spartans of the film 300. This letter is upside down on the shields in the game, probably because these Spartans were "exiled".
  • It is unknown from where the Spartans are summoned, although it could be Elysium. Given that Athena gives the ability to summon them to the Blades of Exile, it could be that they are under the care of Athena.

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