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Kratos, the gods demand more of you. You've learned to use the Blades of Chaos well.




In-Game Information
Alias/es: Goddess of the wilderness
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Delos
Species/Race: Gods
Misc. Information
Family Member/s: *Zeus (father) †
Current status: Alive
Location: Olympus (presumably)
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Claudia Black
Appears in: God of War

Greek MythologyEdit

In Greek myth, Artemis was Apollo's twin sister and the daughter of Zeus and the Titan Leto. She was also one of the most prominent goddesses of Olympus. She is a virgin goddess who attends to the wilderness, its animals, and its hunters. Artemis has a large family, members including Ares and Athena as her half-siblings. In Rome, she was worshiped as Diana.

In God of War seriesEdit

Wager of the GodsEdit

Artemis first appeared in God of War Comics, in the period before Kratos became the Ghost of Sparta. She is seen amongst the Gods, who have challenged each other in a game. Each of the Gods chose a Champion and sent him to reach Spire of Asclepius. Artemis' Champion was Pothia. However, Pothia was slain by Kratos, thus removing any chances of Artemis winning.

God of WarEdit

In God of War, Artemis appears to Kratos shortly after he enters Pandora's Temple. She then gives him the Blade of Artemis (a powerful blade she used to slay a Titan) to aid him in his quest to defeat Ares.

God of War: BetrayalEdit

While Artemis herself is never seen nor mentioned in God of War: Betrayal, her sword is still in the possession of Kratos, who uses it against his earthly enemies during his godhood.

God of War: AscensionEdit

While not seen nor shown, Artemis' and her twin brother Apollo's birthplace, the Island of Delos, is shown in the game.


  • Concept Art: Artemis in Multiplayer (Cut Content)


  • Artemis is the only God from God of War that didn't appear in God of War III. It is unknown what happens to Artemis after the Second Titanomachy. It is likely that she, like many of the other Gods, have become estranged from Olympus due to "petty grievances". As Apollo is her twin brother, it is likely he sided with his sister, which would explain his absence too.
  • For an unexplained reason, she has little horns on her head, similar to demons. These, however, may be small goat horns, this would make sense as Artemis has a great deal to do with animals, or perhaps, only some kind of helmet.
  • In Homer's Iliad, Artemis is revealed to have several other names.
  • Todd Papy revealed that he planned to make Artemis a playable character in God of War: Ascension. He further stated that the character would have the body of a Sphinx (The head and torso of a human and lower body of a lioness). She was more likely to be appear in the multiplayer. However, he gave up the idea for reasons unknown. Only concept art exists of this idea.

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