Athena's swords in Bonus Play

These are the dual battle-swords that Athena is seen wielding in the end of God of War II. She clashes them with Kratos, who's wielding the Blade of Olympus at the time, as she stops him from killing Zeus. When you wear the Athena costume in Bonus Play, Kratos' Blades of Athena are replaced with Athena's dual swords however they act and do damage the same way.


  • The swords have to be quite powerful, as it was able to withstand the Blade of Olympus, without being damaged.
  • When Athena carries the swords, they are placed on her hips when not used in battle. But with the bonus costume, the blades were placed on her upper back, like Kratos' own blades.
  • It is unlikely that the dual blades are connected with chains as this feature is only shown in the bonus costume and is considered non-canon.

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