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So you will continue on your mission, but you will now serve under my command. Is that understood?

–Captain Nikos.

Captain Nikos

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Species/Race: Mortal
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Ally to Kratos, Captain Nikos assisted him on his quest to find the Ambrosia to purify Kratos' daughter Calliope from disease, and to give Sparta the power of the Ambrosia.

God of War ComicsEdit

After defeating the Hades Phoenix, Kratos encountered the Captain and other Spartans, who were sent to aid Kratos in finding the Ambrosia for the good of all of Sparta. In the battle against Herodius, Nikos was injured, but nevertheless still alive. Hades, worried that Kratos may stand a chance against his champion, sent fires through the sky, burning half the Spartan army and killing Nikos, who died trying to save Kratos. With his last words, Nikos granted Kratos his position as captain. Years later, during Kratos' second journey for the ambrosia, Nikos, along with all the other fallen Kratos abandoned, returns as corpse seeking vengeance against Kratos, but Kratos repelled them and sent them back to Hades.


  • It is possible that Nikos was named after the Goddess of Victory, Nike.

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