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Cerberus Breeder
Hades! You unleash the Cerberus to stop me? After the countless souls I have sent to you?!


Cerberus (pl.:Cerberi) is the name of beast race that appears in the God of War Series. The Cerberi are the hounds of Hades, however, some of them live on their own, as seen on the Island of Creation. There are several types of Cerberi, with only two being considered a "standard" Cerberi: the ones from God of War: Betrayal and the white, horned Cerberus from God of War II.



  • Interestingly enough, the White Horned Cerberus seen in God of War II is the only non-boss enemy in the series that is encountered only once in game (despite it appears in the Challenge "Survival of the Fittest", from the same game). Hades Cerberus Breeder is a similar situation in God of War III, but this enemy is clearly a mini-boss.
  • Hercules' 12th Labor was to carry the Cerberus from the Gates of the Underworld on his back.
  • Cerberus is the Latin name of this creature, while Kerberos is the original Greek name.
  • In the footage from God of War II, the Wild Cerberus is controlled by the enemies similar to the Fates Sentries.
  • Rise of the Warrior featured a Cerberus.
  • The White Horned Cerberus bears a small resemblance to the Rabid Hounds, which also accompanied it during its battle with Kratos, suggesting that it may have had some familial connection with them.

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