Chains of atlas 4

Kratos on the platform that leads to the chains.

Now the chains that once held the Titan Atlas layed broken.


In Chains of OlympusEdit

Shortly after acquiring the Gauntlet of Zeus and venturing forth on the chains of the titan Hyperion, Kratos arrives on a rocky platform where he notices the shackles that held the titan Atlas were broken, plaguing Kratos' thought on whom could've released him. He jumps on two of the geared platforms of the chains which he must pull the lever counter-clockwise to finally arrive to a raised area where he finds one the anvils of the chains, and with the gauntlet, punches it to a far wall. After running on the chain he jumps to the rocky wall and starts to climb his way out of Tartarus to the surface of the Underworld.


  • The Chains of Atlas is the last section of the Tartarus level.

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