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The Challenge of the Gods is a series of 10 stages, or tests, in God of War. They become available after the game is beaten for the first time. By beating these 10 challenges the player can unlock Bonus Costumes. This feature in the game is very similar to the Challenge of the Titans in God of War II and the Challenge of Hades in God of War: Chains of Olympus. The Challenge of the Gods returns in God of War: Ghost of Sparta and has its challenges divided between Ares and Athena, with Ares providing five and Athena eight. The Athena Challenges, however, are only available once purchased from the Temple of Zeus.

God of War ChallengesEdit

  • Challenge 1 - Kratos must knock eight Magic Legionnaires off the platform before a 55 second time limit runs out. Kratos must also avoid the edges of the platform, as he can be pushed off. He will automatically fail the challenge if he kills any of the enemies.
  • Challenge 2 - Kratos must kill all of the Undead Archers and Undead Legionnaires before time runs out after 115 seconds. He is also tormented by Harpies the whole time, but killing them doesn't do anything.
  • Challenge 3 - Kratos must destroy all of the pots before time runs out. The time limit is set to 21 seconds.
  • Challenge 4 - Kratos must kill all of the four Minotaurs, but none of the Undead Legionnaires. There is no time limit. He'll automatically fail the challenge if any of the Undead Legionnaires are killed.
  • Challenge 5 - Kratos must use a giant ballista to shoot and kill all of the Undead Legionnaires on the distant platform, but none of the humans. There is no time limit. If he kills any of the humans he automatically fails the challenge.
  • Challenge 6 - Kratos must reach the center of the end platform before time runs out. The time limit is set to 35 seconds. He is assaulted by Undead Archers the entire time.
  • Challenge 7 - Kratos must kill all of the enemies before 90 seconds are up. At the same time, he must never get hit. If he gets hit once by any enemy, he automatically fails the challenge. Use L1+Circle repeatedly in midair to destroy the enemies, but be sure that no Minotaur stands too close before executing the move.
  • Challenge 8 - Kratos must kill all of the enemies. There's no time limit, and no other restrictions though he is not able to use magic. Again, usage of L1+Circle in midair is vital to success. If a gorgon begins gazes upon Kratos, drop into the group and roll around repeatedly until the gazing stops. Failing to do so will freeze Kratos mid-air and have him die upon falling to the ground.
  • Challenge 9 - Kratos must kill a total of four Cyclops before a 150 seconds timer runs out. Satyrs fight Kratos alongside Cyclopes, but killing them doesn't change anything. Use Valor of Hercules (Triangle+Triangle+Triangle) on the cyclops to kill them in 2 hits. Only the last part of the Combo (The Plume of Prometheus) needs to hit them in order for this to work.
  • Challenge 10 - Kratos must raise the platform he's on to reach the top platform, all the while he's attacked by Satyrs and Cerberus Seeds. He must attack them to make the platform rise, and the platform lowers if he is hanging from the ledge. There's no time limit. Use L1+X and L1+X(air) to knock the weaker enemies off the platform. Kratos should however stay in the middle himself to avoid being pushed off.

Ghost of Sparta ChallengesEdit

Ares ChallengesEdit

  • Six Ways to Die - Open all 6 chests placed in the arena without dying.
  • The Gauntlet - Kill all of your enemies before they kill you.
  • Nocrates - Retrieve all its Red Orbs before time runs out.
  • Unscathed - Kill all the enemies without taking a single hit.
  • Gear Up - Collect 3 Automaton Gears before your health is drained.

Athena ChallengesEdit

  • Airborne - Stay in the air for 10 seconds without touching the ground.
  • Ground Pounder - Hyperion Rush an enemy to the ground and land 10 hits in a row.
  • Guard Break - Break 5 shields simultaneously.
  • Ricochet - Parry 5 arrows in a row.
  • Fear Kratos! - All must cower before the God of War.
  • Frozen in Flight - Shatter 5 Ravens simultaneously.
  • Magic Maker - Refill your entire Magic Meter.
  • Bone Crusher - Kill 10 Cursed Remains with Grab.


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