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The chamber in God of War III.

The Chamber of the Flame is a dark chamber which houses the deadly Flame of Olympus.

God of War IIIEdit

Kratos first entered the chamber while searching for the Flame. After discovering the Flame within the chamber, he also discovered that within the Flame lay Pandora's Box. Despite having released the powers of the box years ago to defeat Ares, Zeus had it very well protected.

Kratos was told by Athena that one power remained hidden in the box. Kratos sought to retrieve this power, knowing that the only way to do so was to destroy the flame. Hermes suddenly arrived and goaded Kratos into chasing him. Kratos then left the chamber and gave chase to the messenger god.

Kratos then managed to rescue Pandora, a childlike creation of Hephaestus who was the key to the destruction of the Flame. Later on, Kratos reentered the chamber with the intent of destroying the Flame and receiving this power that had been hidden for so long.

As Pandora ran towards the Flame, Zeus appeared out of nowhere and tossed Pandora to a high platform in order to prevent her from destroying the Flame.


The chamber in Mortal Kombat.

Kratos and Zeus then fought in a duel, which unceremoniously ended in the defeat of Zeus. Pandora, realizing that Zeus still had a breath of life, ran towards the Flame and destroyed it, allowing Kratos to gain the power within the box.

However, Kratos discovered that the box was empty. Zeus then mocked Kratos, and the two battled again after escaping the chamber.

The chamber appeared again in the 2011 Mortal Kombat video game as an arena.

God of War: AscensionEdit

In God of War: Ascension's Multiplayer, the Chamber of the Flame is a map for the Bout of Honor mode.


  • In Mortal Kombat, the chamber was the only arena with multiple stage Fatalities.

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