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The Chaos Armor

Divided by the Eye of Chaos, this armor storms the arena with disarray and anarchy.

The Chaos armor is an armor set that appears in God of War: Ascension's Multiplayer. It's obtainable by purchasing it on the PS Store.


"Divided By The Eye Of Chaos, This Armor Storms The Arena With Disarray And Anarchy"


  1. Level 1: -3 Health and +15 Elemental Resist.
  2. Level 2: -2 Health and +16 Elemental Resist.
  3. Level 3: -1 Health and +17 Elemental Resist. 


  • The Chaos Armor is best used against Zeus Warriors because of its very high elemental damage.
  • The Chaos Armor is a re-skin of the Medusa Armor.

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