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I never had to kill anything. She always did that part.

–Charlie training as a hunter.

"Charlie" is the son of Kratos and an unnamed woman.


Early Life

Charlie was conceived between Greek Godslayer Kratos and an unknown woman. His past has not been extensively revealed, however it is implied that he and his mother lived without Kratos for a time, as Kratos himself is unsure of the boy's hunting ability and did not teach his son himself. Sometime later, Kratos returns. The whereabouts of the mother is unknown, however the way the pair speak of her imply that she is deceased.

With Kratos

Some time after his mother's presumed disappearance, Charlie begins learning to hunt and kill with his father Kratos. Kratos also teaches him to fight, the boy taking up an assist role with his electrified arrows. Unlike Kratos, Charlie is not a born killer and seems to hesitate at the prospect of ending a life, even a monster attacking his father. He is, however, willing to fight.

Weapons & Powers

  • Bow - Charlie wields a bow and, provided he isn't distracted, is an accurate archer.
    • Lighting Powers - Likely a result of being the grandson of Zeus, Charlie has some abilities over electricity. He also has advanced stamina, being able to run long distances through the forest showing no signs of fatigue.


Charlie is a young boy with brown hair. He has light freckling on his face and his eyes are an icy blue. Like his father, his skin is deathly pale. It is unclear if this his natural pigmentation, if Kratos' curse carried over to his son, or for some other reason. Charlie is dressed in leathers and hides of fur. He comes up to his father's hip, and looks to be around ten years of age.


  • He is the first child of Kratos to be born after the death of the Olympians Gods and not be born in Greece.
  • He is aware of his father's status as a Demigod but is oblivious to his father's past.[1]
  • On June 14, 2016, during the Sony Livecast, Creative Director Cory Barlog confirmed that Charlie is not the final name of the character.




  • Kratos and Charlie

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