Charon's mask

Charon, ferryman of the Underworld, wore a golden mask of unknown origin. It held great power inside of it.


After Kratos had stepped onto Charon's ferry, Charon appeared before him, wearing the mask, and attempted to persuade Kratos to leave the ferry. Impervious to the persuasion, Kratos battled Charon, but lost the fight and was imprisoned in Tartarus.

However, Kratos escaped Tartarus and fought Charon a second time. Having used the magic from the mask, Charon's efforts proved in vain nevertheless, as he was killed in battle. After Charon's death, Kratos took the mask and its power along with him, using it against his enemies.

The Mask carried the power to shoot green flames at opponents, hitting them multiple times. This is the magic Charon's Wrath. This green energy is also used by Charon through his scythe, and is probably a derivation of Persephone's powers, since she is Charon's master and her powers have the same color.


  • In some versions of Charon's myth, he used a mask to prevent the souls he transported through Styx from looking at his face, which was so horrible and terrifying that would make them give up from entering his boat.

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