Cory Barlog

Cory Barlog is a video game developer who is best known for his work on God of War and God of War II for SCE Studios Santa Monica. He previously worked on Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at Home and X-Men: Next Dimension.

Barlog recently left SCEA for unknown reasons. He was a keynote speaker at ECAROcon 2008 in Syracuse, NY. In an interview with website Mega64 he announced that one title he is working on is an adaptation of the fourth Mad Max film, titled Fury Road. At that time, he also stated that God of War III was in development and should be just as great as the first two, even though he was no longer working on it with SCEA. He was reported to be at Sweden to develop the title with Avalanche Studios, best known for the Just Cause series.

Sony's Santa Monica Studio is actively working on the next God of War title. While answering audience questions at a God of War retrospective at Sony's PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, Santa Monica Studio's Creative Director Cory Barlog confirmed that development is in fact underway.[1]

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