Cursed Legionnaire

The Cursed Legionnaire are minor undead enemies, first encountered near the Docks of Athens. As opposed to the Undead Legionnaires, they appear more armored, carry larger and stronger swords, and are more skilled at fighting.

Also, they must be first weakened to allow Kratos to grab them, unlike the Undead Legionnaires. Additionally, they can grab Kratos and attempt to throw him to the ground.

In God of War, they are the most frequent enemies Kratos encounters throughout the city of Athens, and in Pandora's Temple.

In God of War II, they're encountered throughout the Island of Creation, mainly in the Temple of Euryale, and through the path to the Loom Chamber.

After weakening and stunning them, Kratos can kill them the same way he kills the standard Undead Legionnaires.


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