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Cursed Wretch

Cursed Wretch

Cursed Wretches
are a small type of enemy encountered in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. They appear as large, four-legged spiders, and frequently appear in large numbers. They attack Kratos either by biting him up close with their sharp mandibles, or by keeping their distance and quickly spitting acidic venom at him. Along with being encountered on solid ground, they also have the ability to climb along vertical walls, or even upside-down along ceilings. Kratos can kill these foes by simply delivering a few well-aimed swings with his blades, or by grabbing them (via the O Button) and immediately ripping them in half with his bare hands.


  • Cursed Wretches are almost identical to the Scylla Brood, apart from their additional ability to spit venom at Kratos.

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