The dairy bastard unlockable

Featured as an unlockable costume in God of War, the Dairy Bastard costume for Kratos is unlocked by beating the Challenge of the Gods. When he wears this costume Kratos is dressed like a dairy cow. His Blades of Chaos are replaced with a pair of milk jugs but do the same kind of damage and combos. While wearing this costume, Kratos also has the power of unlimited magic. Wearing the costume also doubles the value of any orbs Kratos obtains. However Kratos' strength is reduced in a half, though his defence remains intact.

Gof of war dairy bastard-costume

The costume

Other Additional CostumesEdit

The other bonus costumes found in God of War are as follows:

  1. Chef of War (Costume)
  2. Bubbles (Costume)
  3. Tycoonius (Costume)
  4. Ares Armor (Costume)

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