Featured as an unlockable costume for Kratos in God of War II, the Dark Odyssey costume is unlocked by beating the game on God Mode.

Before being unlocked it is described as "The path to revenge is a dark one..." After the player unlocks this costume it is described as "Embark on a Dark Odyssey with a warrior suited for the task." This costume shows Kratos as quite an evil individual from the outside, as well as the inside by making his skin all black, his eyes solid white and his tattoos bright gold. His clothes also don the black/gold theme. Wearing this costume doubles Kratos' strength, and also greatly increases the value of any Red Orbs he collects. However, this costume also depletes Kratos' overall defense by half.


  • This is the only Bonus Costume to show the Golden Fleece on Kratos' left arm. The other costumes don't show the relic at all, despite Kratos being able to use it.
  • The Fear Kratos costume in God of War III is similar to this one, though it replaces the gold tattoos with glowing red ones, and the tattoos being the only coloured part of his body.


  • The Dark Odyssey costume; in-game

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