God of war deimos by tobiee-d32hae0

Deimos with his birthmarks in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

As he vowed never to falter again, Kratos adorned a red tattoo on his body in honor of Deimos, made in the exact image of his brother's birthmark.


Deimos' Birthmarks were rather unusual markings on the body of Deimos, the brother of Kratos.

Because of those markings, Deimos became suspected of being The Marked Warrior, a Mortal who would bring about the destruction of Mount Olympus. In fear of the prophecy coming to fruition, Deimos was captured by Ares and Athena, and was sent to the Domain of Death, where he endured years of torture. After the incident, Kratos vowed to never falter again, adorned a red tattoo on his body in honor of Deimos, which was made in the exact image of Deimos' birthmarks. In time, Deimos' birthmarks took on a more corrupted look, presumably from the torture he endured in the Domain of Death, and the fact that the blood of a God flowed through his veins.


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