Deimos' gauntlets

Deimos sported two gauntlets of an unknown origin. These two items were appropriately named Deimos' Gauntlets.

God of War: Ghost of SpartaEdit

At the end of his quest after his brother, Kratos finally finds Deimos in a chamber in the Domain of Death, with two large rocks/gauntlets on his hands that kept him from using his arms. These gauntlets were chained to the ceiling. Kratos destroyed the first one to release his brother from this large chain that held him. Later, while fighting Kratos, Deimos used the remaining rock as a gauntlet to fight him by pounding the ground, punching and even blinding Kratos by throwing dust at his face. At the end of the battle, Deimos tackled Kratos, pounding him with the gauntlet, which broke apart after several hits.

Deimos' Gauntlets(1)

Deimos Gauntlets

After attempting to beat Kratos with his bare hands, Thanatos took Deimos to the Suicide Bluffs.


  • In many ways, the gauntlet Deimos used in his fight against Kratos is similar to the Gauntlet of Zeus from God of War: Chains of Olympus. It has about the same size, is used with the same hand and they have many moves in common, including the sequences of punches and the charges. In fact, the only difference between them is probably the color – when used, the Gauntlet of Deimos glows orange/red with fire, whereas the Gauntlet of Zeus glows blue like lightning.
    • This probably shows that the Gauntlet of Zeus was recycled from Chains of Olympus to Ghost of Sparta, and not only in the Grave Digger Costume.
  • Although the gauntlets were originally used to bind Deimos to his chamber like huge handcuffs, Deimos seemed to have a good interaction with them not only by using them as weapons but also by making them glow with fire when used. The only way this would happen would be if they were specially made for him to use as weapons (which doesn't make sense, since they were used to keep him as a prisoner) or if Deimos had some kind of fire power - probably his rage - and was able to channel it through the weapons he used. Like mentioned above, the origins of these items are unknown and it isn't possible to tell whether any of these statements is true.
  • The way Deimos uses his gauntlet to throw dust from the ground at Kratos' eyes resembles one of Kratos' memories of his childhood: a training session he was having with Deimos, with both Spartans using a spear and a shield. Deimos used his shield to throw dust at Kratos and stun him in a surprise attack. This is probably one of Deimos' favored techniques.

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