Deleted Levels is a documentary found by beating the original God of War on any difficulty. It details several level concepts that didn't quite make it into the final version of the game. The whole video is narrated by David Jaffe.

Levels ShownEdit

  • Note: All level names are unofficial and given for sake of the article.

Test in Athens HarborEdit

While not a true deleted level, this shows the second version of Kratos (as seen in the Character Graveyard) exploring an area similar to Docks of Athens, with the objective of destroying 30 Skeletons. The purpose was to get all the core mechanics of the game working, as well as see how much detail could be fit into an area.

Original Icarus WingsEdit

This level shows a test with a prototype of the Icarus Wings. Unlike in God of War II, Kratos has control over how much time he can spend in the air, and is shown to be navigating an area filled with enormous Spikes. The whole idea of flight was scrapped due to time constraints and a lack of polishing.

Original HarpiesEdit

This level shows the original Harpies, which, according to the director, were more like flying Undead Legionnaires at the time, and were shrunk to more of "an annoyance enemy". The level looks to take place at the Bluffs of Madness.

Mountain of the TitanEdit

The original idea for climbing up Cronos involved Kratos running ahead of him and avoiding his attacks until he could jump onto Pandora's Temple. Scrapped due to technical limitations.

Final Boss for Pandora's TempleEdit

Before being replaced with the final conveyor belt section, Pandora's Box was guarded by a giant Harpy Boss, with eggs scattered around the arena. Kratos would have to navigate both the lower floor and the upper conveyor belt to destroy them, and lure the Harpy into attacking him to defeat it.

Ever-Changing MazeEdit

A short level idea that involved Kratos moving through a maze with walls that would lift up and allow him to move on to a different part of it before they came back down.

Sand ElevatorEdit

The most complete of the levels, this shows Kratos attempting to stay up with an elevator that is moving through an environment with a sandstorm chasing him. The elevator would halt the sandstorm, but staying off for too long (which was a must) would lead to it catching Kratos. Shown to the press, but cut because of time constraints.

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