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All glory be to Lord Zeus for granting you safe passage to me.


Greek MythologyEdit

Eos is the goddess of dawn in Greek myth, and the sister of Helios, god of the sun, and Selene, goddess of the moon.

In the God of War seriesEdit

Eos 2


God of War: Chains of OlympusEdit

Barely holding on after her brother's disappearance which caused Morpheus to take over the Earth and caused everyone to fall asleep, Eos asked Kratos to find Helios and told him to find the Sun Shield. Kratos then spoke with Eos face-to-face in the Caves of Olympus, where she advised him to seek out the Primordial Fire to help him in his quest. It is revealed she is very dependent on her brother's powers, to the point that after the sun disappeared, she slowly started to lose all her powers.

God of War IIIEdit

While she makes no appearance in-game, there is a section that is named after her, the Path of Eos. This is the passageway within Mount Olympus that is revealed through the use of Helios' head, leading to the Chain of Balance. In Chains of Olympus, she said she was rendered nearly powerless by Helios' disappearance. Her fate remains unknown, even after Helios' death caused the sun to be blocked by dark rain clouds. Due to her dependent relation to Helios, it is unlikely she survived these cataclysmic events.

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  • Eos is the only other goddess in the series to speak to Kratos by projecting herself through a statue, the first being Athena.


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