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Eurybiades was the Spartan commander in charge of the Greek navy during the Persian Wars.

He was the son of Eurycleides, and was chosen as commander in 480 BC because the other Greek city-states, worried about the growing power of Athens, did not want to serve under an Athenian, despite the Athenians' superior naval skill. Despite the enmity between the two, Eurybiades was assisted by the Athenian naval commander Themistocles.

His first act as commander was to sail the fleet to Euboea to meet the Persian fleet. When they arrived the Greeks found that the Persians were already there, and Eurybiades ordered a retreat, although the Euboeans begged him to stay. Instead, they bribed Themistocles to keep the fleet there, and Themistocles used some of his bribe to pay off Eurybiades (at least according to Herodotus). The subsequent Battle of Artemisium was indecisive, and the Greeks removed their fleet to Salamis Island.

God of War: Chains of OlympusEdit

In the very beginning of God of War: Chains of Olympus, Eurybiades is found severely wounded upon a rooftop in Attica, after a ballista shot from the Persian Fleet hits him and his army. He attempts to fire back at the Persian ships with the nearby ballista but is too weak to do so. He points out to Kratos that the ballista is loaded by doing so. Eurybiades dies because of his injuries.

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