Gow2 evade

Kratos performing an evade against the Colossus of Rhodes in God of War 2

Evade (or evasion) is perhaps the one of the commonly known moves presented in many God of War game franchise. When done [and timed correctly], evasion allow Kratos to escape damage from the outside environment. A third top choice to jumping (5th, novice), blocking (4rd, basic), parrying (2nd, proficient), and tethering (1st, advanced, God of War: Ascension only), evade is among highly recommended basic move of recovery by many gamers. Simply flick the Right Analog stick in any direction, Kratos will perform either a front or backroll. Kratos is invulnerable during the middle animation of the roll sequence, so if each roll is timed precisely with an enemy attack, he can actually move through an oncoming attack without taking damage.

Evasion can also be referred as "dodging."

Evade appears in all the God of War games except Javaground's God of War: Betrayal.

Evasion can be done on any weapons except for the heavy ones like the Barbarian Hammer.


  • Evade (normal) - R3
  • 'Cycle-canceling evade (glitch) - Hold (not press) R'3 + square, square, square...

Cycle-canceling evadeEdit

God of War 2 Regenerating Magic

God of War 2 Regenerating Magic

When normal evade is done repeatedly, a hidden cooldown causes delay in time between each rolls. This delay may allow the outside environment to take its advantage over Kratos, resulting in damages and possible death. Luckily, a developer goofup was discovered to resolve this issue: the cycle-canceling evade glitch removes part of the cooldown time, allowing faster evasion rates. The glitch move is done by holding the Right Analog stick in any direction, then by pressing Square repeatedly. The goofup appeared in all of God of War series (except Betrayal), but not confirmed for God of War: Ascension yet. A good example of the glitch is shown in the following video.

Sub-weapon evade/ heavy weapons anti-evadeEdit

Most sub-weapons attained by Kratos throughout the game will retain his usual rolls. However, there are some that can alter the rolls Kratos usually does. In one example, the Claws of Hades will cause Kratos to do a "drag". Another is the Nemesis Whip, which allows Kratos to do a leap.

Some heavy sub-weapons, like the Barbarian Hammer, have an anti-evade lock inserted by programmers, which prevents Kratos from rolling. This is due to the enormous size of the weapon itself, as well as developers have replaced the usual evasion code with summoning souls. The Nemean Cestus, although classified as a heavy weapon, defied this rule with the "leaping" ability similar to the Nemesis Whip.


  • Evasion does not work in God of War: Betrayal.
  • Kratos is unable to evade with the Barbarian Hammer.
  • Some sub-weapons alter Kratos' evasion style.
  • Normal evade creates a cooldown, resulting with delay in time. The cycle-canceling evade "resolved" this issue by removing parts of the cooldown time. 
  • Plumes of Prometheus' square strikes and Reverse attacks are one of the follow-up attacks for evasion.