Eyes of truth

The Eyes of Truth in God of War: Ascension.

Passed from Oracle to Oracle, these eyes can see through the dark magic of the Furies.


The Eyes of Truth was an item that was obtained by Kratos in God of War: Ascension and held the power to destroy any magic barriers, illusions, and dark spells.


They were actual eyes, which were originally from the Oracle of Delphi, Aletheia, and were ruthlessly and brutally removed by The Furies as a punishment when they, along with Ares, found out that Aletheia and Orkos wanted to warn Zeus about the plot that was created by the God of War and the Furies to overthrow Mount Olympus and reign over everything.

The eyes were hidden in a bust of Aletheia, that was located in the Lantern of the monumental Statue of Apollo, that was built in the island of Delos by the Engineer, Archimedes, and, long after, were used by Kratos in order to solve puzzles inside the lantern and broke free from the illusions that the Furies released upon him.

In the end of the game, after he defeated Alecto, Kratos confronted Tisiphone and her pet, Daimon, for the last time. Tisiphone commanded Daimon to attack Kratos, but the creature couldn't touch him, as he used the Eyes of Truth to beat down the beast and later killed it.


  • Divine Shatter - Kratos unleashes a powerful blast that shatters illusions and immobilizes enemies.
  • Divine Shatter (air) - Kratos unleashes a powerful blast that shatters illusions and immobilizes enemies.


  • Early concept of the Eyes of Truth
  • Kratos gets the Eyes of Truth from Alecto
  • Kratos with the eyes

Trivia Edit

  • It was unknown what happened to the item after Kratos killed the Furies. They were supposedly destroyed alongside Daimon.
  • The eyes were the main tools that were used by Aletheia to have visions and foresee prophecies.
  • They were passed from one Oracle to the next.

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