Spartans, similar to the fallen corpses in the series

Throughout the god of war series there are many fallen soldiers, mostly surrounding the Temple of Pandora and the Island of Creation.

In the God of War SeriesEdit

God of WarEdit

Dead bodies litter the fall of Pandora's Temple. In God of War the fallen men were most likely commanded to retrieve Pandora's Box as well as survive the numerous death traps that inhabit the temple. It's most likely that most of the fallen warriors have been dead for years, this is explained as of the undead Body Burner that was the first to enter Pandora's Temple and was cursed by the gods to burn the bodies of all the men that have tried to traverse Pandora's Temple. It is unknown what the Body Burner does with the charred corpses.

God of War IIEdit

In God of War II, most of the rotting corpses are in the Island of Creation. This is because many men have searched for the three sisters to change their fate. In most cases they search due to acts of fear or rage, for example, Alrik, Perseus, the Last Spartan, and Euryale all searched to get revenge or revive a loved one. Their plans were ruined by Kratos.


  • Out of all of the dead soldiers, the Last Spartan was the only one to survive the majority of his search for the Sisters of Fate, as he was most likely more skilled than the others.
  • Most of the dead bodies throughout the God of War series are near traps, they serve as a warning to Kratos.
  • In God of War, when Kratos makes his way through the sewers under Pathos Verdes III son's grave outside. He seems to be ashamed and upset as he looked at the corpses and said "by the gods what have I become".