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Feral Hounds are a weak type of enemy encountered by Kratos in God of War: Ascension and God of War III.

God of War seriesEdit

They appear as small brown dogs with a resemblance to the Hades Cerberus Whelp. They usually appear in large groups, often with other enemies.

They attack Kratos either by rushing up and biting him, or by leaping onto him from behind, pinning him down and inflicting continuous damage. If a Feral Hound leaps onto Kratos, the player needs to rapidly shake the joystick so that the Spartan can throw it back off.

In both games, at any time, by pressing the O Button, Kratos can harm Feral Hounds by throwing them to the ground and kicking them like a ball. This damages the hound, along with any enemies in the path of its kick. Once the hound has been weakened, Kratos can kill it by grabbing it by the mouth and breaking its jaw.

Some feral hounds encountered in Ascension will spawn out of manticore hatchling eggs if they aren't destroyed right away. Some hounds can be mutated by Megaera's Parasites.


  • Feral Hound model

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