Fire Guard
Fire Guards are enemies in God of War: Chains of Olympus. They guard the halls and corridors of the Temple of Helios, and also appear in the Caves of Olympus. They appear as flame-wreathed men adorned in decorative bronze armor, wielding a pair of fiery swords as their weapons. They attack Kratos by running towards him and striking, or by performing powerful leaping strikes with both swords. After weakening them, Kratos can kill them by impaling them with his blades and then cutting them in two at the waist. Surprisingly, they can still be killed if Kratos uses the Efreet, which immolates them like any other enemy. They are commonly aided by their ranged counterparts, the Fire Sentries.

Fire SentryEdit

Fire Sentry

Fire Sentry

The Fire Sentry is the ranged version of the Fire Guard. Visually they appear almost the same as Fire Guards, except that instead of wielding two flaming swords, they wear a large bronze gauntlet on their right hand, which allows them to summon fireballs. They attack Kratos by standing away at a distance, and throwing the fireballs at him. Kratos can kill them the same way he kills the Fire Guards.


  • When first encountered, after Kratos gets the Light of Dawn, Fire Sentries are far weaker than their later encounters.
  • They bear a resemblance to the Apollo skin from God of War III, though they serve Helios, not Apollo.
  • In the Caves of Olympus, diving in the water makes all Fire Guards to disappear temporarily, then will respawn when Kratos steps on the ground. This may explain that the Fire Guards are weak to water in nature.
  • Fire Sentries, unlike the Fire Guards, can be grabbed without first being weakened.