Gates of tisiphone

After emerging from Aphrodite's chamber, and a brief conversation with Kratos, Hephaestus convinces Kratos to retrieve the Omphalos Stone from the Pit of Tartarus, so he can make him a special weapon. Kratos enters Tartarus, fights off a large pack of Olympus Centries, as well as a Centaur General, and emerges at the Gates of Tisiphone. An image of the Pillar of the World is engraved on to the gates. Kratos has to solve the puzzle necessary to open the gate to continue his quest to the Omphalos Stone.


  • Tisiphone was one of the three Furies in Greek mythology. She, along with her sisters, Alecto and Megaera, where tasked with torturing the evil souls condemned to the depths of Tartarus and are the main antagonists of God of War: Ascension. Tisiphone was also recognised as the furious and cruel guardian of the gates of Tartarus in the original mythology, revealing her relation to the gates.
  • The Gates separated Tartarus in two parts, Tartarus and the Pit of Tartarus.


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