Having vanquished his enemies in the ancient war, Zeus demanded that Hephaestus craft a weapon that would bind the Titans to the very walls of Tartarus. Thus was created the Gauntlet of Zeus.

–An epitaph left behind.


The Gauntlet of Zeus

The Gauntlet of Zeus was a gigantic gauntlet forged by Hephaestus, and used by Zeus to chain the mighty Titans in the depths of Tartarus. It was given to the Jailer of Tartarus to protect, and only he had the key to the Temple of Zeus.

Kratos finds and obtains the gauntlet in the Temple of Zeus located within Tartarus. The gauntlet is a weapon of the gods that can deliver devastating blows to opponents, can shatter solid stone and iron (when possible the materials glow blue, like the gauntlet itself every attack), and is deadly even to immortals.

The Gauntlet of Zeus makes another appearance in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. In the Combat Arena, playing as the Grave Digger allows the player to transform into Zeus, holding the Blade of Olympus in his right hand and the gauntlet worn on the left. The gauntlet has similar attacks as in Chains of Olympus.

Orb CostsEdit

Gauntlet of Zeus
  • Level 1 - n/a
  • Level 2 - 3,750 Orbs
  • Level 3 - 10,250 Orbs


Level 1Edit

  • Strength of Zeus - Hold and then release attack buttons to power attacks for crushing damage. Square
  • Zeus Ascension-Hold and then release attack button to launch enemies into air.Triangle

Level 2Edit

  • Olympic Strike - A devastating blow that sends enemies flying back. L + square
  • Olympic Strike (Air) - A devastating airborne attack that smashes down on your enemies. L + square
  • Hermes Cross (Evading) - While evading, hold square to punish your enemies with a fierce counterattack. Square
  • Hermes Revenge (Evading) - While evading, hold triangle to launch enemies into the air with an aerial shoulder slam. Triangle
  • Increased Damage

Level 3Edit

  • Lightning Run - Initiate a running charge to cover ground quickly. L + O
  • Lightning Thrash (Running) - During a Lightning Run, press square to deliver lethal jolts to enemies in front of you. Square
  • Lightning Surge (Running) - During a Lightning Run, press triangle to launch enemies into the air with an uppercut. Triangle
  • Lightning Thrash (Air) - While airborne, deliver lethal jolts to enemies below you. L + O
  • Olympic Thunder - A powerful but slow concussion that launches surrounding enemies into the air. L + triangle
  • Olympic Thunder (Air) - While airborne, crash down on enemies, launching them into the air. L + triangle


  • There has been a size misconception for the Gauntlet of Zeus, since, when on the right arm of the Statue of Zeus, it is two times larger than Kratos, but when Kratos acquires the weapon, it shrinks to the size of his chest. It is possible that, since the weapons was made by the gods, it could adapt its size to its wielder.
  • When Kratos is in the middle of a combo using the Blades of Chaos, immediate weapon switching to the Gauntlet temporarily slows down time. This is an advantage to easily charge the attack.
  • In Chains of Olympus, the Gauntlet is depicted as right-handed, but in Ghost of Sparta, it is depicted as left-handed when used by Zeus.
  • A smaller, dual version of the Gauntlet appears as a usable weapon in the Ascension Multiplayer, futher confirming the theory of the weapon adapting to the user's size and needs



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