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Ghost of Sparta Soundtrack

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack for God of War: Ghost of Sparta features all new music composed by Gerard Marino and Mike Reagan. It was exclusively released as downloadable content, made available through pre-ordering Ghost of Sparta, or by purchasing the game via the PlayStation Network Store. The soundtrack also features three bonus tracks from God of War: Chains of Olympus.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Atlantis" (Reagan) 3:09
  2. "Deimos" (Marino) 2:05
  3. "The Caldera" (Reagan) 3:17
  4. "Battle with the Scylla" (Reagan) 1:34
  5. "City of Ashes" (Marino) 2:44
  6. "Aroania Mountains" (Reagan) 3:09
  7. "Daughter of Death" (Marino) 1:44
  8. "Ghost of Sparta" (Reagan) 3:00
  9. "The Brother" (Marino) 1:54
  10. "Canyons of Sorrow" (Marino) 3:10
  11. "The Fallen Brother" (Marino) 2:49
  12. "Death's Domain" (Reagan) 3:21
  13. "Deimos' Revenge" (Marino) 1:36
  14. "Brothers in Arms" (Marino) 1:21
  15. "Calliope" - Bonus Track (Marino) 2:53
  16. "The Wrath of Charon" - Bonus Track (Marino) 1:57
  17. "Persian Combat" - Bonus Track (Marino) 1:37

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