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The 'Blood and Metal' front cover

God of War: Blood & Metal is a heavy metal/rock inspired soundtrack EP, released as a digital download for God of War III.


It features six major artists from RoadRunner Records, a rock/metal based music label owned by Warner Bros. It was released for purchase on March 2, 2010, and was included in the God of War III: Ultimate Edition released in North America on March 16, 2010. It was also included in the God of War III: Ultimate Editions released in Australia and Europe. Track 7, by the Turtlenecks, was released as a bonus download, with purchase of the Ultimate Edition only.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Killswitch Engage - My Obsession
  2. Trivium - Shattering the Skies Above
  3. Dream Theater - Raw Dog (Instrumental)
  4. Taking Dawn - This is Madness
  5. Opeth - The Throat of Winter
  6. Mutiny Within - The End
  7. The Turtlenecks - Even Gods Cry


  • "Raw Dog" is the last song officially recorded and released by Dream Theater with former drummer Mike Portnoy before quitting the band.
  • In the other hand, "Shattering the Skies Above" is the first song officially recorded and released by Trivium with then-drummer Nick Augusto.
  • The Lyrics of Taking Dawn's "This is Madness" make references to the movie "300". (which is a loose reference to Kratos as he was a Captain in the Spartan army)
  • Kratos pose resembles his pose in the collection God of War Saga

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