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Chronological order of the God of War seriesEdit

God of War: AscensionEdit

This is the latest installment of the series and six months have passed since that fateful day after Kratos' unintentional killing of his wife and daughter.

God of War: Chains of OlympusEdit

Set during Kratos' days as a loyal servant of the gods, this PSP prequel sees Him rescuing Helios from the god of sleep-and fighting a conspiracy in the depths of the underworld.

God of WarEdit

After ten years of serving the gods, Kratos is ordered to kill his former master, Ares, the god of war. This involves opening Pandora's Box, taking its power, and laying the foundations for later betrayals.

God of War: Ghost of SpartaEdit

Having replaced Ares, Kratos learns his long-lost brother Deimos may still be alive, held prisoner by the gods, and sets out to find him more bitter and bloodthirsty than ever.

God of War IIEdit

Consumed by anger, Kratos sends Spartan troops on a rampage across Greece, worrying the Olympians. When Zeus betrays and nearly kills him, Kratos begins a journey to change Fate itself and finally getting his revenge on Zeus.

God of War IIIEdit

Picking up where God of War II left off, Kratos' "final" adventure involves a top-to-bottom-and-back-again trip through Olympus and the brutal elimination of the king of gods, Zeus, and battle his inner self as well.



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