The Hades Cerberus Breeder is an exceptionally powerful Cerberus that Kratos encounters near the end of God of War III.

God of War IIIEdit

When Kratos descends back into the Underworld to finally break the Chain of Balance, he finds himself forced to battle the Hades Cerberus Breeder at the base of the chain. The beast resembles the lesser Hades Cerberi, but it is noticeably larger and stronger. Instead of a triple fireball salvo from its three heads, this hellish hound displays the ability to create flames by simply pounding the floor with its paw. The Hades Cerberus Breeder also has the ability to spit up burning Cerberus Seeds, which soon explode, potentially harming Kratos or anything else near them. As it takes damage, Satyrs arrive to reinforce it.

After delivering enough damage to the creature, Kratos kills this monster the same way he kills the lesser Hades Cerberus; by decapitating the two side heads, and finally breaking the neck of the central head.


  • Due to its sheer size and strength, and the ability to spawn Cerberus offspring, it is possible that the Hades Cerberus Breeder is the 'father' of all other Cerberi, and the most powerful in all of Hades. This theory could also support why it was placed as a guardian of the Chain of Balance.
    • It is even possible, that he is actually the original Cerberus from Greek mythology.
    • If the latter is true, this means that the Hades Cerberus Breeder was carried by Hercules as part of his 12 labors.
    • It also means that it was the Hades Cerberus Breeder that Orpheus put to sleep with his music during his journey to the Underworld.


  • Fight in the god of war III
  • Last fight with the Cerberus


Kratos vs Hades Cerberus Breeder10:00

Kratos vs Hades Cerberus Breeder

Kratos vs Hades Cerberus Breeder

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