Hall of trials

The Hall of Trials is located under Zeus Mountain, and leads up into the room containing Pandora's Box.

It is an extremely dangerous area and is the "final test" before reaching Pandora's Box. Large stone gears line both sides of the hall and they are constantly grinding away. Adding to the danger, there are conveyor belts that move between the gears. In order to complete this trial, Kratos has to eliminate all the large hordes of Cursed Archers and Harpies that bombard him as he makes his way down the hall.

One last element of danger is that the platforms between the gears, where the archers stand, have flame jets, that will activate and burn Kratos to a crisp if he stays on the platforms for much time, forcing him to remain on the conveyor belts, and be quick in killing the archers.

Upon completing the trials, Kratos will be able to retrieve the Box, and at long last leave the temple.

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