The head of Helios was savagely earned. Its gaze will light your way.


Helios head

Helios' severed head.

Helios' Head is an item Kratos uses to light his path, or daze his enemies. It was acquired by taking, and therefore actually is, the head of Helios.

God of War IIIEdit

The Head of Helios is the fourth equipable item obtained in God of War III. It is acquired by mercilessly decapitating the sun god, after damaging his chariot (leaving him severely wounded) and killing all the Olympus Guardians that then showed up. The head emits a beam that can illuminate dark areas, functioning as a lantern of sorts. The beam can also reveal hidden objects, such as doors or chests. Such secrets are often given away by the presence of golden particles floating around them

When Helios' head shines on enemies, it temporarily blinds them, and does slight damage. Kratos can also charge the head in order to release a powerful burst of light that stuns and damages all enemies in the vicinity. This blast also illuminates the enemies themselves, eliminating the need to use the head itself until all affected foes are defeated. It is also used to remove the invisibility of Siren Seductress, and is integral to Kratos' defeat of Cronos. As with the rest of his equipment, the Head of Helios is discarded after Zeus' spirit ambushes Kratos in the ruins of Olympus.

It can be leveled up once for an increase in damage and a decrease in charge time.

Orb CostsEdit

  • Level 1 - n/a
  • Level 2 - 2,500 Orbs

Power MultiplierEdit

Level 1Edit

  • 100%

Level 2Edit

  • 300%


Level 1Edit

  • Solar Beam - Hold the head of Helios to reveal hidden secrets L2 + Triangle
  • Solar Flash - Release a small burst of light that blinds some enemies L2 + Tap Triangle
  • Solar Flare - Hold and release Triangle to release an enveloping burst of light that lights up dark areas and blinds enemies surrounding Kratos L2 + Hold Triangle

Level 2Edit

  • Enemies need less shots to explode
  • Increased Damage
  • More time for enemies to explode


  • Helios' head is also used by Kratos as a weapon in the 2011 installment of the Mortal Kombat series.
  • When the head is being used, Helios can still be heard screaming in pain and rage even when his head has been ripped off from his body.
  • The Head of Helios is the only head based weapon in the series to not be the head of a Gorgon, instead being the head of a more human looking individual. 
  • The Solar Flare shares the same name and effect as a move used in the anime/manga series, Dragon Ball.
  • The Head of Helios is used by Kratos in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, along with the Icarus Wings, Nemean Cestus, Arms of Sparta and the Blade of Olympus.
  • Kratos carries around a head as a weapon in each of the main three games, Medusa's Head in God of War, Euryale's Head in God of War II, and the Head of Helios in God of War III.



GDC 2011 Mortal Kombat

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