Hera's Chalice is Hera's Godly Possession. Its gem, located on the front of the cup, is used in a puzzle to solve the hidden passages in Hera's Garden.


Hera's Chalice is an ornate silver cup, with elaborate handles on either side, a stemmed base, and a green jewel set near its lip. Hera is seen drinking from it when Kratos confronts her in the Forum, and throws it away in frustration while he approaches her in the Gardens.

Using this Chalice during Bonus Play will continuously drain the health bar, without fully depleting it. As with all Possessions, it disables Trophies when activated.

The nature of the Chalice when used in Bonus Play may be a reference to it always having some beverage in the cup, without completely emptying it.


  • Simply walk down the path Hera threw the Chalice in, pick it up, and continue forward into the garden.


  • Hera's Chalice is the only Godly Possession which is mandatory to collect as Kratos must use it to proceed through the Garden.
    • If one glitches the game and fails to retrieve the chalice, then Kratos will use a nonexistent item to proceed through the Garden.
  • The Chalice re-appears in several maps of the multiplayer in God of War: Ascension, as a godly intervention. As long as the Holder lives, he will extra points for his team.

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