Kratos, champion of the Gods, had killed Ares. Life after the God of War was good, but very boring. And so he found himself seeking Gods that were, shall we say, less than formidable.

–Morgan Webb

Intern of War is a X-Play parody of God of War and is supposed to take place after the first game. It begins with Kratos working his way through the 3rd string roster of the Greek Pantheon. In between these fights he is shown getting drunk, apparently due to Ares being gone, life was good....but very boring. Kratos is then contacted to go after the God of Chaos, which is supposed to be his greatest battle since that of Ares. After a short but intense fight, his opponent suddenly reveals he is not Chaos, and then picks up a dog, the real God of Chaos. After yelling in frustration, Kratos finishes his task and then goes to perform his final and most deadly challenge, becoming the "Intern of War" for X-Play. After destroying an Xbox, he is fired. He is then shown back at the bar, where he comments that the interns at X-Play have it a lot worse than he does.


Intern of War03:47

Intern of War

The Intern of War video

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