The Gods entrusted the jailer with the key to the temple of Zeus, where the weapon that enchained the Titans was kept safe.

The Jailer of Tartarus' remains on his throne in God of War: Chains of Olympus.

The Jailer of Tartarus was not among the living, and his ancient remains were all that were left of him. Upon his head, was a golden helm-like crown, and he still sat upon his ancient throne within the Crypt, guarding the Temple of Zeus in the depths of Tartarus. He was the keeper of the Cryptkeeper's Key and was most likely one of the first humans in service to the Gods.

Kratos kicked both the jailer's corpse and his throne over the ledge. Later, Kratos used his body on a pressure plate that raised a giant lock that only the Cryptkeeper's Key fit. Upon doing, so the bridge to the temple expanded across the pit, which gave Kratos access to it and the Gauntlet of Zeus.

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