I have watched you over the years. When you were just a boy. I saw the signs. Even the loss of your brother did not sway your focus, the tragedy only improved you. You honed your skills and now, Kratos, you have fulfilled your promise of greatness. You served with honour, you brought glory to us all and today you have earned your place among us as the greatest general Sparta has ever known.

–Illusion of the King of Sparta casted by Tisiphone.

The King of Sparta was a fair and just warrior, ruling the city of Sparta firmly, with Kratos as his strongest soldier.

In the God of War SeriesEdit

God of War ComicsEdit


The King of Sparta (Comics)

On the cliffs of Mount Taygetos, the king made his first appearance, when he and Calliope were about to be sacrificed. As the child was thrown into the chasm below, Kratos returned while riding on a Roc, rescuing his daughter, and was about to cure her disease with Ambrosia. The King, however, insisted that Calliope must be sacrificed, before Lysandra intervened. Lysandra convinced the King to test the Ambrosia on Calliope, promising him the last sip. The King agreed, and the Ambrosia cured Calliope. After this, the King promoted Kratos to the title of a Captain.

God of War: AscensionEdit

King Sparta

Spartan King as seen in Tisiphone's illusion

During one of Kratos' flashbacks, which are actually mind tricks played by the Furies, Tisiphone fools Kratos by disguising as the King of Sparta, and honors Kratos for his service as his best general. The King appears as a kind, elder figure, bearing old battle scars, and gives condolences for the loss of Kratos' brother. Kratos believes what he is seeing at first, until he sees Tisiphone's ring on the king's finger. He kicks Tisiphone off the balcony, dispelling her illusion. When Kratos was on the verge of victory over the Furies, Tisiphone changes into the form of the King once again, telling him that he's unworthy of being called a Spartan.


  • The King shown in Ascension is not named and is most likely not the exact King who appears in the comics, as they don't look alike (though this may be a discontinuity error). Another possibility is that the king in the comic is the predecessor of the king in Ascension.
    • It is possible the King of Sparta alluded in Alectro's trick could have been a known king in mythology, like Tyndareus (father of Castor & Clytemnestra, step-father of Pollux and Helen) or even Leonidas I. Kratos ended the illusion with the famous "Spartan Kick", which might give reference that the king could be the latter, who died at approximately 60 years old on the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC (Kratos would be 20 - 30 years old at the time).
    • The King is voiced by Crispin Freeman, who also voiced Helios in God of War III.


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