Kratos' army.

Kratos' Army is the Spartan army who serves Kratos, Spartan and former god of war.

God of War SeriesEdit

Pre-God of WarEdit

Kratos' Army was with Kratos on the day of the immense battle with the Barbarians. As shown throughout the series, it was here that he was indebted to Ares, the god of war. They fought valiantly, but were easily overpowered by the ruthless tribes of barbarians until Ares gave him the ability to slaughter his enemies. It's also safe to assume that his former Spartan soldiers were also the soldiers who followed him on his reign of terror during his servitude to Ares.

God of War: Ghost of SpartaEdit

After becoming the God of War, his soldiers removed any image pertaining to Ares and replaced them with that of Kratos. Kratos also found many bodies of Spartan soldiers at the Mounts of Aroania, killed by the cold and dead hands of Erinys. Before leaving the city of Sparta, the Last Spartan gave Kratos his old weapons; a spear and a shield, an act which Kratos favored greatly.

God of War IIEdit

Kratos also commanded a huge force of Spartans, which ravaged and conquered many cities in Greece in his name. When the Ghost of Sparta fought his battle against the Colossus of Rhodes, his soldiers were laying siege to the city. When Zeus descended from Olympus, he slaughtered Kratos' soldiers, and only one lived to return to Sparta. Unfortunately for Kratos, on his journey to change his fate, he mortally wounded and killed the Last Spartan, leaving Kratos the last remnant of the great army and Sparta. However, due to Kratos interfering the past, they are likely resurrected along with the Last Spartan. Unfortunately, they are probably perished again after the death of Poseidon sent great deluge upon the world.

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