'''Lord Kratos, the beast is destroying the fleet!

Atlantean Soldier Kratos' Fleet was a large group of Greek ships and sailors that were sailing in the Aegean Sea.

Kratos' fleet

The fleet being attacked by undead legionaries

In The God of War SeriesEdit

God of WarEdit

Kratos was among the sailors on one of the boats. During their journey, the fleet was attacked by the Hydra, which quickly proceeded to decimate the boats. Kratos was ordered by Poseidon to kill the beast, and granted him with Poseidon's Rage. Most of the sailors were killed within the first few minutes of the attack, but a select few were lucky enough to survive. One of the sailors was pinned by an Undead Archer when Kratos reached the boat, and when he tried to warn Kratos of them, was killed by an arrow. The fleet was also attacked by a collective army of Harpies and Undead Legionnaires, along with the Hydra.

Ghost of SpartaEdit

Triton Soldier

Kratos battling enemies on one of his ships

Whilst as the God of War, Kratos experienced a rather disturbing vision about his mother and his brother. Determined to discover the meaning of this vision, he set out to sea, traveling to the city of Atlantis along with a large group of ships. After debating with Athena about the worth of the mission, Kratos was attacked by Triton Soldiers. After killing all soldiers in his path, Kratos was attacked by Scylla, who destroyed the ship. After which, Kratos and the beast did battle.


Kratos battling enemies on one of his ships during his second journey to Atlantis

Later on in his journey, Kratos desired to return to the sunken Atlantis in order to unlock the door to Death's Domain. He took another ship and headed off, along with a few soldiers, to the sunken city. He was attacked, however, by Harpies, Triton Soldiers, and the wrath of Poseidon himself. Eventually, because of the lightning the sea god sent to Kratos' ship, the Ghost of Sparta was thrown off the boat. He was then enveloped in a great torrent of water, but survived and awoke in the sunken Atlantis.


  • The Sailors produce green orbs when killed.
  • The Captain was one of the few survivors, until Kratos threw him down the Hydra King's throat.
  • Even though it was known as Kratos' fleet, it is likely Kratos himself did not command it.

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