Kratos' Legionnaire costume

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Legionnaire costume is one of the costumes in God of War: Ghost of Sparta, it is loosely based on the armour worn by a Spartan Soldier.

The idea for this costume started after the developers learned about the God of War fans known as the Spartan army. Thinking it would be cool to do a costume that would go with the Arms of Sparta and form a cohesive set of gear, they designed the Legionnaire costume.

The helmet design is loosely based on that of a Spartan soldier and the chest plate has elements like the Cerberus silhouettes found on Kratos armour from the God of War flashbacks. The developers also wanted to carry the crimson elements of Kratos’ tattoo and cloth skirt into this costume to keep his palette familiar.

This costume grants Kratos the ability to collect double Orbs of all types, and using magic will cost half the amount of Blue Orbs. On top of that, the Legionnaire resists enemy damage four times as much as normal and deals double damage with the Arms of Sparta.

Obtaining ItEdit

God of War: Ghost of SpartaEdit

As of yet, the Legionnaire costume can only be unlocked through a code obtained by having pre-ordered the game.

God of War: Origins CollectionEdit

All the previous pre-order exclusive content (including this costume) was included with the game.

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