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Light Dawn

The Light of Dawn

The Light of Dawn is a special power that Kratos gets in God of War: Chains of Olympus, after obtaining Primordial Fire within the Caves of Olympus. It allows Kratos to summon orbs of bright light and hurl them at his enemies. A player can then level it up to increase the damage of the orbs, and to gain new abilities.

Orb CostsEdit

  • Level 1 - N/A
  • Level 2 - 2,250 Orbs
  • Level 3 - 6,250 Orbs


Level 1Edit

  • Solar Flare - Hurl orbs of light at your enemies. R + Square
  • Solar Flare (Air) - While airborne, hurl orbs of light at your enemies. R + Square

Level 2Edit

  • Solar Flare (Rapid Fire) - Hurl orbs of light at your enemies at rapid speed. R + Square

Level 3Edit

Light of Dawn
  • Radiant Sun (Charged) - While holding R, hold square and release to charge the light for more damage. R + Hold Square


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