I offer you the power to freeze your enemies where they stand, but you must earn such a gift. Medusa, the Queen of the Gorgons. Bring me her head Kratos, and I will give you the ability to wield its power.


Greek MythologyEdit

Medusa' Gaze
In Greek myth, the legendary Gorgon Medusa had the power to turn anyone who looked directly into her eyes to stone. She was decapitated by Perseus.

In God of WarEdit

Medusa's Gaze is a power given to Kratos in God of War. After killing Medusa for Aphrodite, Kratos keeps Medusa's head and uses its Gorgon powers to turn his enemies into stone. Although this power doesn't work on other Gorgons, all other enemies are turned into stone. Larger enemies take longer to turn into stone than smaller ones. Leveling the magic up further increases its freezing power, and to gain faster attacks with it. Gorgon's Rage, the strongest and most costly move, Kratos slams the head into the ground, creating a swirling shockwave of Gorgon magic.

Attacks (God of War)Edit

Level 1Edit

  • Gorgon Torrent - Turn enemies to stone with this powerful weapon. Hold L2 + hold square

Level 2Edit

  • Stronger Freeze Beam
  • Gorgon Flash - Rapidly freezes enemies. Hold L2 + triangle
  • Gorgon Flash (Air) - Freeze enemies in the air. L2

Level 3Edit

  • Stronger Freeze Beam
  • Gorgon Rage - Freezes all enemies at once. Hold L2 + hold O ''(Uses up all magic)

Attacks (Betrayal)Edit

Level 1Edit

  • Gorgon Torrent.

Level 2Edit

  • Stronger Freeze Beam Lev.2

Level 3Edit

  • Stronger Freeze Beam Lev.3

Level 4Edit

  • Stronger Freeze Beam Lev.4

Level 5Edit

  • Stronger Freeze Beam Lev.5


  • If it is leveled at maximum, the gaze will have a blue-green color.
  • If one looks closely, the head is green similar to lesser Gorgons, however Medusa herself had red skin.
  • In Mortal Kombat 2011 Kratos' second fatality is called Medusa's Gaze, however, he does not use Medusa's head, instead he uses the head of a Gorgon Serpent.
  • There is an item in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale called Medusa's Gaze, however it is far more similar in appearance to Euryale's Head.
  • An unnamed Gorgon head appears as a magic in Bit of War, it may be Medusa's head as it produces green beams.

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