Thor brandishes the Mjölnir in his encounter with Kratos.

Mjölnir is the mighty, thunder hammer used by Thor, the God of Thunder. The weapon briefly appears at the secret end of God of War (2018) when Thor appears in front of the home of Kratos and Atreus. It was forged by Brok and Sindri.


  • Noted as the hammer's only flaw, the handle was made too short due to a fly biting Brok on one of his eyes during the forging of the hammer.
  • Despite possibly being the greatest weapon in the Norse World, only rivaled by the Leviathan and Surtr's sword, Odin made it so that it could not break the tree that trapped Mimir.
  • In Norse Mythology, Thor had Magic Gauntlets and a Belt that not only enchanted the strength of Mjölnir, but also allowed Thor to heft the hammer with greater ease as it was very heavy.
  • The hammer appeared before in God of War: Ascension's Multiplayer as an add-on and possible nod to the future of the franchise. This, however, is the Canon version of the hammer.