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The City of Olympia was located on Olympus, and served as a sanctuary to honor the Gods.

In Greek HistoryEdit

Olympia was a major site in ancient Greece. It was seen as a sanctuary, and was located on the Peloponnese of Greece. It also held the Olympic Games in honor of Zeus. Even in the modern times the Olympic Flame is obtained from there and travels to the country which holds the Olympic Games. Olympia was also the site of one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World; the gigantic statue of Zeus made of gold and ivory. Since the city was such a sight to see, Olympia was named as the child of Olympus.

In God of War IIIEdit

After having used the Hyperion Gate to escape the Underworld, Kratos ended up in the City of Olympia, a stone keep on the side of Mount Olympus. After witnessing Helios flying by in his chariot, Kratos gave pursuit, before encountering a wounded Gaia, who asked the Spartan for help. Remembering her betrayal after having been defeated by Zeus, Kratos quickly declined, and cut the vines from her hand, dropping her in the gorge below. As Kratos fended off hordes of enemies, passed through the Gate to Olympia and the edge of the cavern, Kratos witnessed Helios attacking the mighty Perses. Seeking to aid Perses, Kratos shot Helios' chariot out of the sky, allowing Perses to catch it and crush it in his hands. The titan then hurled Helios across the city, towards the slopes of the mountain. Tracking down the wounded god, Kratos fought his way through more enemies, before finally reaching a severely wounded Helios. Breaking through the guards protecting him, Kratos ripped off Helios' head, thereby obscuring the sun, and plunging the world into eternal darkness. Helios' head then served as one of Kratos' tools, allowing him to uncover hidden doors and stun enemies with light, which protruded from Helios' eyes and mouth. This way, Kratos revealed a hidden door that led to the Path of Eos.


  • High quality render of Olympia, depicting Kratos' progress, halted by a Centaur, and the Titan Perses.

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